Fujitsu Solutions

Fujitsu Partnership

Sublime is since May 2015, Fujitsu partner for retail solutions.

The quality of Fujitsu equipment and its management tools, tailored to customers’ needs, contribute to the presence in numerous sales chains around the world.

Fujitsu is constantly evolving, using the most advanced technologies.

The traditional retail market, has been evolving, becoming more friendly to the Client, to the organisations and also to the environment.

The concern with the profitability of the business is a constant need. The solutions in which Sublime works, allows the speed of data treatment, associated with information and management indicators.

So far our main area of action, has been the Angolan market, but we are expanding our presence to other geographies.

Implementation of Fujitsu Solutions for Retail


Coexists with several solutions within the Front-Office:

  • Self-Checkout;
  • Separate-Scanning ;
  • Traditional;
  • Self-Scanning.

ISSXXI – Front-Office Management Software for food and non-food stores in Portugal, Angola and Colombia.


  • Independence from the hardware manufacturer;
  • Centralised Information;
  • Management costs reduction;
  • Tailor-made and adapted to each Client business;
  • Oriented towards the market needs;
  • Dashboard that provides trade assessment in real time;
  • Search engine promotions simple and intuitive;
  • Multidisciplinary approach: region, language and taxes.

Tailor-made Fujitsu solutions

Operating areas: Retail and Finance

Palm Vein

Retail and financial solutions

  • Self-authentication in kiosks;
  • Self-registration in kiosks;
  • Cashless payments (for example: coffee shops, dining halls);
  • A device is available in each sales point;
  • Financial safety (online);
  • Safety for the construction of facilities (for example: locker- and counting rooms);
  • ATM´s or safe deposit machines.