Management And Human Resources

Human Resources Empowerment for sustained business growth

  • Professional Training:
    • Strategic diagnoses of training needs;
    • Planning, implementation and management of training plans;
    • Monitoring and evaluation of training;
  • Internship Planning and follow-up on job;
  • Analysis and Description of roles;
  • Skills and Performance assessment;
  • Recruitment and Selection;
  • Management and promotion of outsourced resources.

Support and Monitoring of Management Results

  • Audits and Management Control;
  • Administrative, Financial and Accountancy Consulting;
  • Analysis of individual and collective performance indicators;
  • Operational control through planning and monitoring of goals;
  • Implementation of budget prevention and control programs;
  • Conduct or follow-up internal audits;
  • Sales and procurement management;
  • Elaboration of product ranges and analysis of results;
  • Control of sales and margins.